All information about monitoring and intervention

Consultation on publication of information about higher education providers

The OfS receives and generates information about the sector as a whole and about individual providers’ performance and regulatory compliance. We were seeking views on the approach that we propose to take to the publication of information about individual providers and other persons.

Consultation on OfS approach to monetary penalties

We were seeking views on our proposed approach to the use of our powers to impose monetary penalties on a higher education provider that breaches its conditions of registration with the Office for Students. We were also seeking views on our proposed approach to the publication of a decision to impose a monetary penalty.

Consultation on reportable events

We were consulting on our requirements for reportable events. A reportable event is a standing requirement placed on each registered provider to report certain events or matters to the OfS. We were seeking views on the way we define a reportable event in the regulatory framework and on revised guidance to help providers to understand and meet the OfS’s reporting requirements.

Regulator sets out how students can register concerns

New guidance issued by the Office for Students (OfS) has outlined how we will continue to respond to students, staff at universities and members of the public who have concerns that a university may be breaching its registration conditions.

Published 15 December 2020

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