Transnational education: Information for overseas regulatory agencies

How we gather information on transnational education provision

We receive information about transnational provision through:

  • Reportable events: providers must submit reports about events or matters that indicate a potential breach of any of the conditions of registration
  • Notifications: we invite third parties, typically students, staff or members of the public, to report on providers where they believe a potential breach of any condition of registration may have occurred
  • Aggregate offshore record: registered higher education providers must submit an annual data return called the aggregate offshore record to detail the outcomes of all their transnational students. We require headcount data detailing continuation and completion rates of all TNE students as well as withdrawals and dormant students. Providers have been required to submit headcount data on transnational students since 2007-08. Information is collected on the location, provision and numbers of students. The data collection is currently limited in its scope compared to the individualised data submitted on students based in England, but we plan to expand this dataset.


Jisc is the designated body for the collection and dissemination of higher education statistics on behalf of the OfS, including data on transnational education.

Published 01 November 2022

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