Transnational education: Information for overseas regulatory agencies

The Office for Students (OfS) regulates higher education in England. We aim to protect the interests of all students associated with an English higher education provider, wherever they may be based in the world. This guide provides an introduction to English higher education regulation for overseas regulatory agencies involved in the provision of transnational education.

Transnational education

Transnational education refers to education delivered across international borders, with the student based in a different country from the higher education provider. Educational oversight by the OfS includes students studying overseas, through distance learning, collaborative partnerships or at overseas campuses.

Transnational courses offered by English higher education providers to students in other countries and territories are subject to the same OfS regulatory requirements as courses delivered within England. A higher education provider’s regulatory obligation to its students must be met wherever and however those students are studying.

Our regulatory and oversight arrangements ensure English higher education providers deliver a high quality educational experience and excellent outcomes for students, wherever they are based in the world.

Transnational students should be able to expect the same quality of experience as those students based in England. We are developing our regulatory approach to maintain regulatory oversight of all provision, wherever and however it is delivered across the world.

Invitation to work with us on transnational provision

We are seeking to build relationships with overseas regulatory agencies to foster and share good practice.

We welcome expressions of interest from overseas regulatory agencies to discuss approaches to regulating transnational education provision. Please email [email protected]

Published 01 November 2022

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