Equality and diversity

Equality objectives

The objectives below describe our activities, as both a regulator and employer, which seek to advance the aims of the public sector equality duty (PSED), facilitating the elimination of discrimination, equality of opportunity and the fostering of good relations between people who share protected characteristics and those who do not.

In meeting these objectives, we will publish annual equality information on student characteristics, access, participation, and outcomes in English higher education. We intend to build and maintain a strong evidence base by collecting and analysing data and information on the impact of our work on students with relevant protected characteristics. We will also publish annual data about the protected characteristics of our workforce.

We intend to monitor our performance towards these objectives by reviewing and reporting our progress annually.

Key activities:

Key activities:

Key activities:

  • Review our location strategy to ensure we can attract a diverse range of candidates, and appeal to a wider talent pool.
  • Build on the success of our early-talent entry pathways and consider other programmes.  
  • Review our HR policies to consider changes or additional guidance. Implement a cycle of robust, impartial policy review.
  • Refresh our approach to equality, including by re-establishing the role and terms of reference for staff networks.
  • Equip colleagues with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to be able to understand current societal debates and provide space for different views to be expressed in a way that is appropriate for a regulator.
  • Introduce pulse surveys and develop our workforce insights to evaluate the employee experience more regularly. We will use these to continually improve our approach and ensure that feedback loops are closed.
  • Review and redesign mandatory training to ensure that it is fit for purpose, legally accurate, and engaging.
Last updated 30 November 2023
30 November 2023
Refreshed our objectives set.
01 August 2022
Update on our progress so far
27 July 2022
Note added that the OfS is reviewing its approach to equality matters
29 October 2020
Link added for business plan 2020-21

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