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Medical. 'Graduate entry' courses are medical courses with an entry requirement of a first degree in a subject other than medicine. ... 125. 15. 5. 145. 0. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine.

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Page | 1. Page | 1. Foreword. Higher education (HE) in the UK is world leading. It has a much admired reputation for. delivering outstanding teaching and research. Nonetheless, following the introduction of the. higher tuition fees in 2012 the

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professional areas of healthcare higher education – specifically medicine, dentistry, nursing and pharmacy. ... professional areas of health higher education: medicine, dentistry, nursing or pharmacy.

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10007771. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 231. 6.3. 7.7. ... 1,097. 63. 758. 23. 10007771. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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TEF 2018-19 Subject-level pilot metrics. Technical algorithms. Enquiries to [email protected] Publication date 21 November 2018. 2. Contents Purpose 5 Fields used in the generation of all the core metrics 8 TEFSOURCE 8 TEFCOMDATE

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