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KPM9_prop_loc XLSX 59Kb

Subjects allied to medicine. 18.40%. 2009. East Midlands. Biological and sport sciences. ... East of England. Subjects allied to medicine. 16.80%. 2010. East of England.

KPM9_prop_nloc XLSX 59Kb

1.20%. 2010. East of England. Subjects allied to medicine. 10.00%. 2010. ... East of England. Subjects allied to medicine. 9.20%. 2011. East of England.

kpm8_datafile XLSX 68Kb

Part-time. UK. 2017. 2958. 5. 35. Medicine and dentistry. Part-time. UK. ... Part-time. UK. 2013. 1801. 8. 60. Medicine and dentistry. Part-time. UK.

Grant Announcement Circular Letter Tables XLSX 121Kb

141. 10003270. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. Imperial College London. ... 11,020,728. 5,797. 11,026,525. -5.9%. 148,086. 1,302,244. 1,450,330. 171. 10003958. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Why study AI or data science? - Office for Students

Students will develop skills and capabilities relevant to careers in medicine, transport, social sciences, biosciences, sports business and more. ... researchers are using AI to explore medicine that is genetically exclusive to patients.

Table_description XLSX 18Kb

CONTEXT_CATEGORY. CAH01-01MedicineAndDentistry. Category of SubjectOfStudy: Medicine and dentistry subject of study. ... CAH02-03SubjectsAlliedToMedicineNotOtherwiseSpecified. Category of SubjectOfStudy: Subjects allied to medicine not otherwise

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