Data collection to inform funding for 2020-21: Notification of changes

This document provides notification of changes that we intend to make to the collection of data to inform funding for 2020-21. It also invites comment on one element of these changes: the assignment of course subject codes to price groups for funding purposes.

Please note: This publication was updated on 15 July 2019 to correct an error. In paragraph 21, 'how providers assign activity to cost centres' has been amended to 'how providers assign activity to price groups'. This publication was again updated on 18 July 2019 to correct an error. In paragraph 14b, 'podiatry and chiropody' has been added to the list of courses for non-fundable undergraduate starters in 2016-17.

We have since published ourĀ Confirmation of approach and responses to feedback received (OfS 2019.31). This includes an updated annex with the agreed mapping of LDCS and HECoS - this supersedes the annex previously published below.
OfS 2019.27
9 July 2019

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