Consultation outcomes

Consultation on the inclusion of higher technical qualifications in Office for Students’ student outcome measures: Analysis of responses and decisions

Higher technical qualifications (HTQs) are Level 4 and 5 courses that deliver the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to meet industry skills gaps and employer needs. OfS outcomes data for students on HTQs is currently grouped with data for other Level 4 and 5 courses. In order to assess how providers are delivering positive outcomes for students on these courses, the OfS consulted on a proposal to separate out HTQs as an additional split indicator.

The analysis report sets out our consideration of the responses to the consultation, and states our decision to measure data from higher technical qualifications separately to other Level 4 and 5 data.

Our analysis draws on the summary of responses report below, which we commissioned from Pye Tait Consulting.

OfS 2024.07
8 February 2024
Published 08 February 2024

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