Consultation on harassment and sexual misconduct in higher education

Our proposals set out expectations for universities and colleges to follow and how the Office for Students will regulate harassment and sexual misconduct affecting students in higher education providers.

Our proposed 'statement of expectations' covers the processes, policies and systems we expect providers to have in place.

9 January 2020

All proposals are set out in the consultation document, and we have published a digital version of the statement below.

The questions for this consultation are available in the consultation document (Annex C).

Harassment and sexual misconduct - guide for students

Guide to our proposals for students

Prevent and address harassment and sexual misconduct

Guide for universities and colleges
Published 09 January 2020
Last updated 09 February 2021
09 February 2021
Consultation updated to move from paused to closed.
17 March 2020
Revision to the consultation deadline
10 January 2020
Consultation response form published

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