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Approaches to identifying and measuring educational gains in TEF 2023

In the 2023 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) exercise, the Office for Students asked providers to set out what 'educational gains' they intend their students to achieve, how they support students to achieve them, and what evidence they have that students are succeeding in achieving these. Educational gains go beyond the measures of continuation, completion and progression also used in the TEF, and extend into areas such as knowledge, skills, personal development and work readiness. 

We commissioned Professor Dilly Fung, a TEF panel member from the 2023 exercise, to explore providers’ approaches to identifying and measuring educational gains as described in their TEF submissions.

This report is based on analysis of the submissions of the 51 providers that received a Gold rating for student outcomes in TEF 2023. 

4 April 2024
Published 04 April 2024

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