University watchdog says 'practical steps to secure freedom of speech' are needed

Nicola Dandridge's statement on free speech is quoted in a Telegraph article.

In her statement, the OfS's chief executive said:

'We support the widest possible definition of freedom of speech. There is a legal requirement on universities to take steps that are reasonably practicable to secure freedom of speech within the law and protect academic freedom. It is after all a crucial aspect of higher education that students and academics are able to engage with a wide range of theory and opinion, including those which some might find uncomfortable or offensive. This must include the right of academics like Professor Todd to be able to advance views at campus events with which others may disagree. All universities need to demonstrate that they are taking reasonably practicable steps them to secure freedom of speech, and that they deal responsibly with any complaints or concerns.'
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Published 05 March 2020

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