OfS communications in the pre-election period

As a public body, the Office for Students is subject to Cabinet Office guidelines during the pre-election period. This means that, until the general election, we will be publishing less content than usual.

We will continue with our regulatory work, including making and publishing registration decisions.

We will not launch major consultations, issue analysis reports, publish information about funding or issue guidance to higher education providers which constitutes new policy. While the guidance does not prohibit publication, we do not plan to publish any official statistics before the election. We have suspended the publication of our first annual review publication, which had been scheduled for November.

Our communications activities will also be restricted during the election campaign. We do not expect to publish press releases, and will not offer comment on higher education issues to either written or broadcast media. Our public enquiries team will continue to answer queries from members of the public and students, and our press office will be able to offer factual responses to specific questions from journalists.

Read the Cabinet Office guidelines

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