Office for Students responds to HEPI report on racial inequalities

The Office for Students has responded to the Higher Education Policy Institute's report.

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Responding to HEPI’s collection of essays on ideas for reducing racial inequalities in higher education, Chris Millward, Director for Fair Access and Participation at the Office for Students, said:

‘I welcome this report. The ideas contained in it should help to address one of the major concerns for equality and fairness in higher education today.

‘There is a need for straight conversations about the stubborn attainment gaps between some ethnic groups, which are holding some students back from achieving their full potential. It is a great injustice that black students should be so much less likely than their white peers to complete their courses, gain the top marks and secure graduate employment.

‘The Office for Students is agreeing plans and targets with all higher education providers to reduce and ultimately eliminate the gap in degree outcomes between white and black students. We have set an ambitious goal to remove the gap that cannot be explained by subject or entry qualifications within the next five years. This is a realistic goal if universities and other higher education providers take the urgent action that is needed to understand and address the barriers to success.’

Read the HEPI report

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