Office for Students responds to HEPI report: following the pound

Yvonne Hawkins gives the Office for Students' response to the report.

Office for Students responds to HEPI report: following the pound

Commenting on 'Where do student fees really go? Following the pound', a new paper published by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), Yvonne Hawkins, Director of Teaching Excellence and Student Experience at the Office for Students (OfS), said:

‘Ensuring value for money – for students and taxpayers – is a key part of our work. Through our regulation of universities and other higher education providers we can identify and will act when they are not transparent about value for money or are not delivering strong enough outcomes for students or taxpayers. Ensuring transparency and accountability for how student fees are spent is important and we will work with students to determine what information they would find most meaningful.

‘Part of providing value for money for students is ensuring that they know how their fees are spent. But this is just one piece in a bigger puzzle. Creating value for students and taxpayers also means widening access to higher education, promoting a high quality academic experience and ensuring that the skills students develop lead to graduate employment.’

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