TEF 2023 briefing

An online briefing for TEF contacts and TEF student contacts about the new framework and how to participate in the next TEF exercise.

We recently launched the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) 2023 exercise with the publication of TEF indicator data and guidance for providers and students.

This briefing event for TEF contacts and TEF student contacts:

  • provides an overview of the new framework
  • signposts the additional guidance and support available to participating providers and students
  • addresses some of the frequently asked questions that were raised after the publication of the guidance.

The event should be useful to anyone in higher education with an interest in the TEF, however the content is aimed primarily at TEF contacts and TEF student contacts who will be leading on the TEF submission and student submission for their provider.

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If you have questions about TEF 2023, please read the TEF guidance or email [email protected].

Published 30 September 2022
Last updated 24 October 2022
24 October 2022
Published slides and video from the event.

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