OfS strategy regional workshops

Our strategy regional workshops will give higher education students and senior staff the opportunity to share their views on what matters to students and help shape the OfS’s strategic direction.

These workshops are aimed at students and senior staff at higher education institutions who are interested in helping the OfS decide its future strategic direction. 

Each event will follow the same format. We will invite views on what matters to students about their education and then explore what aspects of higher education the OfS could focus on to protect this interest. 

Who should attend?

These events are open to senior staff/provider representatives at higher education institutions across the country.

Senior staff should also encourage student representatives to register and attend (e.g. a member of a students’ union).

How to register




Monday 9 September


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Wednesday 11 September


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Additional information 

Read the current OfS strategy.

Privacy: read the privacy notice for Eventbrite

Accessibility: contact our events team if you need to discuss accessibility before the event.

Recording: this event will not be recorded.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this event, contact us at

Published 12 July 2024

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