Consultation on the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF): extended session for those who are not familiar with the TEF

An event to provide information about the OfS's consultation on the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). This session included introductory information about the TEF.

This event gave attendees the opportunity to further understand the context and details of the consultation on the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) before submitting a consultation response. The deadline for submitting a consultation response is Thursday 17 March 2022.

This session was primarily aimed at those who are not familiar with the TEF. 

Watch the event recording

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A shorter event for those who are familiar with the TEF was held on Wednesday 9 February 2022. Similar content was covered in both sessions but this extended session provided additional background information and explained key concepts in more detail.
Published 20 January 2022
Last updated 14 February 2022
14 February 2022
Event recording added.
11 February 2022
Slide pack added.

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