Protecting students from harassment and sexual misconduct: have your say

The OfS is consulting on regulating to protect students from harassment and sexual misconduct in all its forms. OfS Student Panel member Nkechi Adeboye gives her views on the consultation and why it’s important for students to get involved.


Simon Feegrade, HE Consultant

This vital message must be heard and acted on by HE providers. There has been some good work done but still too few are looking at how they can take a three-dimensional approach to preventing sexual misconduct and assault among students, or addressing staff-student relationships as mentioned by Nkechi. Consent seems an obvious notion but some providers have found that students still need to fully understand its meaning and how it affects interactions with fellow students. The consultation, and the work already being done by some providers, will hopefully help to inspire more activity and take us further down the road to effectively wiping out sexual misconduct and assault in HEIs before it occurs.

4 May 2023 - 2:50PM

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