Student outcomes and excellence

We want all students to have a good experience of higher education and receive value for money. It shouldn't matter which course you choose, where or how you choose to study or what your background is.

From January to March 2022 we ran three consultations outlining our thoughts in these areas. We asked you to share your views on any of our proposals by through an online survey. This guide highlighted some specific proposals of interest to students.

The consultations looked at three areas: 

Student outcomes

How we set minimum requirements for the outcomes universities and colleges deliver for students, so that students progress through their course and progress into graduate employment or further study.

Teaching excellence

How we assess a university or college's excellence in teaching, learning and student outcomes using the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

Measuring outcomes and excellence

How we create the indicators to inform our minimum requirements for student outcomes. This includes the proportion of students continuing with their studies and progressing into graduate employment and further study.

Published 20 January 2022
Last updated 26 July 2022
26 July 2022
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