Graduate employment and skills guide

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This guide is for students who are about to graduate and are at the start of their career journey.

It sets out five important steps to help you, as students about to graduate, think about your choices and what you’d like to do next:

Step 1: Identify skills

Identify your skills and explore what you would like to do next

Step 2: Develop skills

Develop your skills

Step 3: Gain experience

Explore your interests and develop your professional network

Step 4: Apply for jobs

Find out where you can go to search for jobs

Step 5: Wellbeing

Look after yourself and your mental wellbeing

At each step we signpost resources and opportunities to help you develop skills, gain experience and build networks in preparation for a graduate career.

You do not have to take the steps in order. You can focus on any one or more of the steps you find most helpful.

The guide has been developed by the Department for Education and the Office for Students, working with the higher education sector and graduate employers.

Published 10 May 2021

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