TRAC data

Published data 2016-17

TRAC data for 2016-17 was collected by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) on behalf of Research Councils UK and UK Research Councils, the Scottish Funding Council, the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales and the Department for the Economy (Northern Ireland). These bodies are co-owners of the data, with the Office for Students and UK Research and Innovation.

Annual TRAC 2016-17: Sector analysis

Annual TRAC 2016-17: sector analysis provides analysis of costs, and income by activity categories: publicly funded teaching; non-publicly funded teaching; research and other (income generating activities) and other (non-commercial activities). Research income and costs are also analysed by research sponsor category.

Annual TRAC data for previous years is available on the (former) HEFCE website in the Data and statistics section.

The TRAC Development Group, which is responsible for the oversight and governance of the TRAC system, also published analysis of the annual TRAC data for 2014-15.


Annual TRAC data 2016-17: analysis by TRAC peer group

Annual TRAC data 2016-17: analysis by TRAC peer group provides further analysis of annual TRAC income and cost data, reported by TRAC peer groups.

Data analysed at TRAC peer group level has not previously been published.

All providers that submit TRAC data also receive a TRAC benchmarking report which is made available via the Office for Students Portal.

Note: The statistics in this publication, originally published in July 2018, were revised on 31 January 2019. Four providers identified errors in the Annual TRAC data they submitted for 2016-17, of which data for two providers affected data presented in the original publication. The changes in data are for TRAC peer group A, D and the UK sector.

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