The OfS Register

The Register lists all the English higher education providers officially registered by the OfS. It is a single, authoritative reference about a provider’s regulatory status.

Number of registered providers:


To join the Register, providers must go through the registration process.

The downloadable file available below is the first iteration of the OfS Register. We will undertake further development work to:

  • provide additional regulatory information about individual registered providers
  • improve the presentation and usability of the data contained in the Register.
Download the Register as a spreadsheet Find an access and participation plan or access agreement

Please note that we are still in the process of registering higher education providers for 2019-20 onwards, so if a provider is not registered at the moment, no conclusions should be drawn about it based upon that fact. 

Some higher education providers are currently regulated under transitional arrangements which also provide assurance to students.

We are working through the registration applications as fast as we can, so if a provider is not registered at the moment, it might be registered soon.

We update the Register as we make decisions so if you are a student interested in studying at an English higher education provider in 2019-20 we suggest you check again before making your decision about where to apply.

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