Refused registration decisions

This page sets out details of higher education providers which have been refused registration by the Office for Students, and a summary of the reasons for the refusal.


The Bloomsbury Institute Limited’s application for registration has been refused.

This is because the Office for Students considers that Bloomsbury Institute does not satisfy the following initial conditions of registration:

  • Condition B3 – Quality
  • Condition E2 – Management and governance.

A summary of our reasons are set out below:

Initial condition Summary of reasons
B3: Quality

The OfS takes the view that the Institute’s performance in relation to:

  • continuation rate data (evidencing the number of students progressing from their first to their second year of study); and
  • rates of progression to graduate employment (in particular progression to professional and managerial jobs or postgraduate study)

shows that the Institute has failed to demonstrate that it delivers successful outcomes for all of its higher education students, which are recognised and valued by employers and/or enable further study for all of its students.

E2: Management and governance The OfS takes the view that the Institute’s student outcome data and a lack of credibility in its student and financial forecasts mean that there is insufficient reliable evidence to determine that management and governance arrangements are adequate and effective.

We have produced a question and answer document for students at Bloomsbury.

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