Student safeguarding evaluation and resources


The three rounds of Catalyst funding were as follows:

The first round provided £2.45 million funding (matched 1:1 by projects) to 63 providers addressing safeguarding students on campus; with objectives directly drawn from the UUK Taskforce report’s recommendations. The vast majority of these projects focused on sexual harassment.

The second round provided £1.8 million funding (matched 1:1 by projects) to 45 projects, addressing all forms of hate crime and online harassment.

The third round provided £480,000 (matched 1:1 by projects) to a network of 11 projects addressing religious-based hate crime. These projects were brought together to form a collaborative, nationwide network of specialist knowledge and leading practice in addressing hate crimes directed at students on the grounds of religion or belief.

You can find out more about the individual projects below.

The first round of funding supported activities to tackle sexual harassment on campus at the following higher education providers:

Provider Project overview Amount awarded
University of Bath

A university community approach to preventing sexual harassment and assault


University of Birmingham

CUUB: Creating the Culture


Blackburn College

UCBC Safeguarding Hub


Blackpool and the Fylde College

(HESE) HE Safeguarding Enrichment


Bournemouth and Poole College

Speak Out and Step Up Project


University of Bristol

Student safeguarding on campus


Brunel University London

Respect @ Brunel


Buckinghamshire New University

NeverOK: Sexual Harassment, Assault and Violence on Campus Intervention Project


Bury College

All Part of the Solution


University of Cambridge

Sexual misconduct prevention and victim support


Canterbury Christ Church University

Student Peer to Peer Bystander Training


University of Chester

Leading Behavioural Change for Sexual Consent


University of Chichester



Cleveland College of Art and Design

CCAD Prevents and Safeguards


Coventry University

University Challenge


De Montfort University

Safe Campus Initiative


University of Derby

It Takes A University


University of East Anglia

A Student Community Safeguarding Partnership


University of Exeter

Safeguarding Against Sexual Violence


University of Gloucestershire

What is our Campus Culture?: Understanding the concerns and attitudes of our students


Goldsmiths College

Sexual Violence & Harassment: changing the culture and preventing harm


Havering College of Further and Higher Education

Mechanisms to raise awareness and support HE students facing mental health issues and domestic abuse


University of Hull

Creating a campus culture: 'Safe and healthy relationships at the University of Hull'


Imperial College London

To develop an integrated bystander intervention initiative and sexual violence support programme


University of Keele

Taking Responsibility - Ensuring Effective Prevention, Support and Response to Sexual Violence on Campus


University of Kent

Violence against Wo/men on Campus Project


King's College London

It Stops Here - Training Strategy


Kingston University

ME & (K)U – Creating Healthy Relationships


University of Lancaster

Safeguarding Project


Leeds Beckett University

Developing a Cross Campus Zero Tolerance Approach


Leeds City College

Safeguarding Awareness


University of Leicester

Safeguarding by Standing Together


University of Lincoln

Building Respect and Changing Cultures in the University Community


Lincoln College

Safeguarding for HE in FE


University of Liverpool

Changing campus culture through student leaders


Liverpool John Moores University

Safer Student Communities


London School of Economics and Political Science

Changing the culture: training-based responses to the UUK Taskforce’s recommendations


London South Bank University

Stand up, speak out


Loughborough University

Challenging the Culture of Sexual Violence


Manchester Metropolitan University

Raising awareness and stimulating positive cultural change to prevent or reduce sexual violence and harassment within the University's student community


Middlesex University

The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Safeguarding Toolkit Designed Specifically for the HE Sector


University of Northampton

New Spaces: Safeguarding Students from Violence and Hate


Nottingham Trent University

We want to know: enabling and responding to disclosures of sexual violence and sexual harassment affecting students


Open University

Student Safeguarding Training Development


Oxford Brookes University

Improved safety through better awareness


University of Portsmouth

Developing a best practice for staff-student sexual misconduct through the establishment of an active bystander culture of citizenship


Queen Mary University of London



Roehampton University

UR Prevention and Protection


University of Sheffield

Empowering students to take an active role in the University community - combatting sexual violence, harassment & hate crime


Sheffield Hallam University

Supporting the development of ethical behaviour in transitioning students


St George's, University of London

Consent for all: within healthcare and outside it


University of Sunderland

Embedding Bystander interventions in University life


Teesside University

Multi-Agency Student Safeguarding Model


University College London

Resilience of International Students to Sex Crime (RISSC)


Walsall College

Challenging the Culture of Sexual Violence


University of Warwick

Respect for all at Warwick


West Nottinghamshire College

SOS: Safety of students


University of the West of England, Bristol

Creating an Inclusive Campus Culture £50,000

University of Westminster

Development of a bystander intervention for safeguarding in UK universities


Wirral Metropolitan College

Safety Through Empowerment


University of Worcester

Bystander Intervention Development (BID)


University of York

Cascading training to change culture: an institution wide approach to prevention, intervention and response to sexual violence


York St John University

Student Safeguarding: Building Healthy Relationships



The second round of funding supported the following higher education providers to tackle hate crime and online harassment:

Provider Project overview Amount awarded

Anglia Ruskin University

ARUsafe: development of an online reporting tool to enable better incident reporting at ARU, and an online tool for sharing good practice intended for sector-wide use


Aston University

The Aston Alliance: development of online training and campaigns


University of Bath

Combatting online harassment and hate crimes: extending the university-community approach. Training, campaigns, events and online resources including bystander videos


University of Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire Cyber Awareness Programme (BCAP): working with the sector to develop guidance on effective practice to support online welfare more broadly for all students


University of Birmingham

Developing community partnerships and responses with virtual and physical hate crime hubs and forums for sharing knowledge and best practice, within the university and with the other HEIs in the city


Blackpool and The Fylde College

Tackling face-to-face and online hate crime and harassment. New mobile/online reporting mechanisms and the creation of a regional network of ‘Partner Practitioners’ from all appropriate sectors


Bournemouth University

Responding to Hate Crime: Forum Theatre project, leading to the development of digital content and videos for wider dissemination and training


Buckinghamshire New

Hate Crime Cultural Change Project: training and development of University Champions (staff and students); awareness-raising and attitudinal change workshops, campaigns and events. Establishing a system for reporting, tracking and monitoring incidents


Bury College

Digital Values: developing good practice, training and policy review. Sector-wide dissemination planned


Coventry University

University Challenge: safeguarding students. Development of an effective case management reporting system for student hate crime and discriminatory incidents on campus. Collaboration with UUK to cascade this model across the sector


University East London

Step Up to Stop Hate: survey of campus safety; creation and delivery of a bystander-approach, peer-to-peer training package; creation of an online ‘report and support’ tool


University of Exeter

Safeguarding Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students: literature review; develop community links; training strategy design; review safeguarding and reporting procedures


Goldsmiths, University of London

Establishing a Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre


University of Huddersfield

Enhancing a Safe & Secure Learning Community: Developing a procedural framework to enable reporting, disclosure and accessing support. Developing student peer educators active on campus plus online and front-line staff training


Keele University

‘Never Stand By’: ensuring a co-ordinated community response to hate incidents and (online) harassment at Keele. Developing a comprehensive safeguarding toolkit and a secure reporting mechanism


Lancaster University

Hate Crimes Project: promoting community cohesion with local partners and developing resources and training to safeguard vulnerable groups including international students


Leeds City College

Tackling Hate Crime: develop an effective reporting system including campaigns and materials


University of Leeds

Hate Crime: not on our campus. Develop and establish a reporting system including training and resources


University of Leicester

Standing Together Against Hate: improving responses to hate crime through awareness-raising campaigns, bystander interventions, training, a third-party reporting centre, and a new data recording system and university-wide policy


Lincoln College

Tackling hate crime and online harassment - HE in FE: training partnership with local community organisations. Development of training and digital resources


University of Lincoln

Building Respect and Changing Cultures in the University Community: establishing effective reporting routes, using a digital campaign and developing promotional materials


Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Welfare First project – developing an online reporting system


University of Liverpool

#Speakout: Calling Out Harassment, Changing the Online Campus. This action research project will conduct questionnaire and interview research with students both to understand, and then to take action on, forms of online student harassment. The project will raise awareness of different forms of online harassment and provide data to help inform resources for future student leaders to use in peer-to-peer training.


London School of Economics and Political Science

Changing the culture: building bridges on campus. Developing a model of positive interfaith dialogue aimed at reducing conflict and widening understanding of challenging issues


London Southbank University

Stop the hate trait: facilitating community cohesion, creating engagement and training, and establishing a joined-up safe reporting haven on campus


The Manchester College

Human Libraries: establish a human library, deliver a student conference and tutorial programme, with CPD for staff and a social media campaign


Manchester Met University

‘Take it outside’ Film Festival: showcase relevant student-created films to be shown in conjunction with group discussion. Evaluate festival as an model for the sector to creatively address difficult issues


University of Manchester

Active Bystander Initiative: extend, develop and deliver a specialist hate crime active bystander initiative


Middlesex University

The no home for hate project: culture change to 'stamp out' hate crime and online harassment through: challenging attitudes; effective reporting mechanisms; improved victim response and support. Including developing appropriate safeguarding training, policy review and 'what works' repository


Newcastle University

NU Culture: Respect Without Barriers. Online and print awareness campaign across four campus locations in Newcastle, London, Singapore and Malaysia. Staff training and development of an effective disclosure and reporting system for survivors


Northumbria University

Building Capacity to Tackle Online Hate Crime and Stalking on Campus: developing online reporting mechanisms and mapping hate crime and stalking affecting students


Nottingham Trent University

NTU stands together: developing a toolkit to drive effective reporting and support; internal and sector dissemination planned


City College Plymouth

Students Against Hate Crime (SAHC): creation of awareness-raising online film and dissemination across the city's HE institutions. Peer-to-peer mentoring and training programme


University of Portsmouth

Speak UP Step UP Portsmouth: tackling hate crime and sexual violence as part of the city-wide Restorative Portsmouth initiative. Including the extension of the UWE Bystander model for use with hate crime and bullying


Sheffield Hallam University

Don’t Stand By: enhancing positive relationships between different groups across the community at the university through the development of the awareness and skills to debate sensitive issues around personal and political identity. Support and training for students and staff in leading respectful debate, followed by student-led events focusing on freedom of speech and discussion of difficult topics




Student Leadership in Inclusive Campus Environments (SLiICE): the development of students as leaders to promote cross-cultural understanding and to tackle inter-community and identity hostility


University of Suffolk

Creating a community of digital civility: working in partnership with national safeguarding organisations and Microsoft to raise awareness of online risk, respond effectively and improve the safety of students in relation to online harassment


Sussex Coast College

Expect Respect: student survey, staff training, audit of policies and procedures, educational resources and bystander training


University of Sussex

Hate crime on university campuses: repairing the harms of hate and prejudice through student-led dialogue. Establishing a restorative justice programme including training and online resources


University of Central Lancashire

Hate Crime and Online Harassment: Understanding and Changing Culture. Creating an active partnership with local stakeholders, training and awareness raising and improvements to reporting mechanisms


University of the West of England

Online reporting tool for anti-social behaviour and hate crime at UWE. Development and delivery of social marketing, student engagement and staff training in reporting and responding to hate crime


University of Winchester

Safeguarding against Online and Social Media Abuse: virtual resource with implementation across the institution


University of Wolverhampton

Tackling Hate Crime and Online Harassment Through Education: development, dissemination and analysis of a specific training programme for students and staff


University of Worcester

Transgender Education and Support Programme: includes improved reporting and response mechanisms, training modules and awareness raising initiatives across the whole institution.


University of York

Developing an intersectional approach to training on sexual harassment, violence and hate crime including dissemination of sector-wide guidance.



The following eleven projects will form the national network to tackle religion-based hate crime:

Lead provider


Amount awarded

University of Bath

Tackling religiously-based hate crime: extending the University community approach


Coventry University

Tackling religion-based hate crime on the multi-faith campus


Durham University

Religious Hate Crime in the North East:
Driving Interventions for Acceptance,
Reporting and Supporting


King’s College London

It Stops Here: Religious Based Hate Crime


University of Leicester

Standing Together Against Religiously-Motivated Hate


London School of Economics

Changing the culture: creating a faith-inclusive campus


University of Manchester

Passivity, the Bystander and Religious-Based Hate Crime


Northumbria University

Responding to Religious-based Hate Crime on Campus


Nottingham Trent University

Real Faith, Real Stories, Real Students


Sheffield Hallam University

Standing Together Against Hate: Developing effective community partnerships to tackle religious-based hate crime affecting students


Southampton Solent University

Human Library: facilitating powerful conversations between LGBTQ+ and faith communities to foster understanding and empathy


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