Degree apprenticeships - guide for employers

Funding and finance

You must pay degree apprentices at least the national minimum wage for apprentices.

You must also offer the apprentice a job which lasts long enough to cover the length of their degree apprenticeship.

Paying for tuition

The Government covers the cost of tuition through the apprenticeship levy.

Employers pay the levy at 0.5% of their annual pay bill, if the bill is over £3 million.

You can get this money back (and more), if you commit to apprenticeship training.

Employers who pay the levy

Employers who pay the levy are able to use their available levy funds to cover the tuition costs of their degree apprentices. The Government also adds 10 per cent.

Employers who don't pay the levy

Employers who don't pay the levy currently only pay 10 per cent of the tuition costs for their degree apprentices. They must pay these costs direct to their higher education provider.

The government will pay the other 90 per cent of the cost. In addition, levy-paying employers can transfer some of their available levy funds to other employers, for instance those within their supply chains.


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