Monitoring and intervention

When and how we might intervene

Further engagement or investigation

Where we consider it appropriate to gather further information or evidence we might engage with the provider or gather further information from them either on a voluntary or compulsory basis. We might also gather information from elsewhere.

These approaches might be used whether or not we have taken a decision to launch an investigation. With the exception of the use of our power to obtain a warrant to enter and search a provider's premises, there is no threshold or test that must be satisfied before we collect evidence and information on a voluntary or compulsory basis, including as part of an investigation.

We would normally expect to publish information about an investigation, as set out in our policy.

More intensive monitoring and specific conditions

Where we identify an increased risk that a provider will breach one or more conditions of registration or identify a suspected or actual breach of a condition, we may put in place more frequent or more intensive monitoring requirements for that provider.

We may also decide to impose one or more specific conditions of registration on a provider to mitigate increased risk of a future breach of a condition. This allows us to specify action that a provider must, or must not, take to mitigate regulatory risk.

Guidance for providers

We have published guidance for providers on when, and how, we may intervene, including on our use of more intensive monitoring and specific conditions.

Published 15 December 2020
Last updated 23 November 2022
23 November 2022
Clarified how we engage with providers, reflecting recent updates to Regulatory advice 15.
29 September 2022
Added details of what we will publish about individual investigations.
15 March 2021
Updated to reflect the closure of consultation on publishing information about providers

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