Office for Students' business plan: October 2020 - March 2021

The Office for Students' business plan sets out what we intend to do to make progress towards our strategic objectives

We would usually publish an annual business plan in April. This year, the onset of the pandemic meant that we suspended business as usual so that we could focus on acting flexibly and responsibly to protect the quality of teaching for students, ensure we understood the impact of the pandemic on providers’ financial circumstances, and support the most vulnerable students.

2020-21 is the final year of our first, three-year strategy. In this revised business plan, we set out our plans for the remainder of the year. 

OfS 2020.48
29 October 2020
Published 29 October 2020
Last updated 30 October 2020
30 October 2020
Corrected error on page 8: 'The OfS will fund 1,000 taught postgraduate scholarships' (not 2,500).

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