OfS responds to further details on grading following cancelled exams

Nicola Dandridge has responded to the Secretary of State’s statement on arrangements for students whose exams have been cancelled.

Responding to further details about arrangements for students whose exams have been cancelled, Nicola Dandridge, chief executive of the Office for Students, said:

'The Secretary of State’s statement provides useful and important information, which should offer reassurance for students during what is an exceptionally challenging time. It is essential that A-level students are fairly assessed on their academic attainment.

'We want to assure those students that their grades will be equally valid to those in previous years, and their hard work will be rewarded and fairly recognised.

'We are working with universities, colleges and UCAS to ensure that students are supported throughout this unique admissions cycle, and made aware of their higher education course options. Particular consideration will need to be given to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, to ensure that their potential is properly recognised as the new system is rolled out.

'Some universities and colleges have in recent days reportedly been making unconditional offers that may not be in students’ best interests. We are today asking that all universities and colleges pause unconditional or other offers that could disadvantage students. Given today’s reassurances there is no reason to depart from the normal admissions processes. All universities and colleges should work to put the student’s interest first.'

For further information contact Sean Beynon on 0117 905 7676 or [email protected].

Published 20 March 2020

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