TEF branding 2023

The TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) logos are supplied in various formats below, within zip files.

Please use the logos in accordance with the communications and branding guidelines.

Communications and branding guidelines

Logo files

TEF rating logos: Gold

Logos for use by providers with a TEF Gold rating

TEF rating logos: Silver

Logos for use by providers with a TEF Silver rating

TEF rating logos: Bronze

Logos for use by providers with a TEF Bronze rating

TEF logos: Requires improvement

Logos for use by providers with a TEF Requires improvement rating

TEF combination rating logo files

TEF rating logos: Combination ratings

Logos for each of the possible combinations of overall and aspect ratings

TEF generic logo files

TEF generic logo

Logo for use by any higher education provider which has undergone the TEF assessment

All logo files

Download all TEF logos

Get all the logo files in a single zip file

Help and advice

If you need technical or design guidance on using the logos, please contact [email protected], tel 0117 931 7342

Last updated 21 September 2023
21 September 2023
We have updated the logo rating files to include versions with the text 'Teaching Excellence Framework' and updated the guidelines accordingly.
08 August 2023
The page has been updated to include the logo files, communications and branding guidelines for TEF 2023.
21 June 2021
Branding guidelines have been updated.

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