Prevent and address harassment and sexual misconduct

Statement of expectations

The ‘Statement of expectations for preventing and addressing harassment and sexual misconduct affecting students in higher education’ was published in April 2021. It provides a set of consistent recommendations to support higher education providers in England to develop and implement effective systems, policies and processes to prevent and respond to incidents of harassment and sexual misconduct.

Underpinning this framework is the principle that all higher education students registered at a provider, however and wherever they may be studying, should be protected from harassment and sexual misconduct from other students, staff and visitors.

Evaluating the statement of expectations

We appointed SUMS Consulting to evaluate the impact of the publication of the statement of expectations.

This included understanding if, and how, the statement has driven changes in:

  • provider behaviour
  • the underlying issue of harassment and sexual misconduct
  • student experiences and outcomes related to the prevention of and response to harassment and sexual misconduct.

SUMS Consulting have produced the following evaluation reports:

Following on from the evaluation, we recently consulted on a new approach to regulating harassment and sexual misconduct in English higher education.

Published 09 January 2020
Last updated 23 February 2023
23 February 2023
Information on the page has been condensed for clarity
10 November 2022
Link added to the statement of expectations final evaluation report
29 September 2022
Removed interim evaluation from the publication schedule.
30 June 2022
Updated evaluation information, including a link to the June 2022 update from SUMS Consulting on progress to date
28 February 2022
Link added to find out more about the evaluation of the statement of expectations
19 April 2021
Statement of expectations published
09 February 2021
Update to reflect finalised statement of expectations coming Spring 2021

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