National Student Survey - NSS

Review of the NSS

Published 24 September 2020
Last updated 05 January 2022
05 January 2022
Update and restructure of information about the NSS review
26 November 2021
Updated NSS external advisory group members
29 April 2021
Updated to reflect phase two of review
30 March 2021
NSS review report added
30 November 2020
Membership of the NSS working group added.
27 October 2020
Update to the methodology and collecting feedback section and the terms of reference. Word version of stakeholder survey added.
23 October 2020
Links to register for student and student unions' workshops removed
21 October 2020
Link added to the NSS stakeholder survey
09 October 2020
Details of students' union roundtable event added
06 October 2020
Links added to register for student workshops

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