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Uni Connect is a free service funded by the government. It helps young people – especially those from groups who are less likely to go to university – to explore routes into higher education as well as the benefits and realities.

It does this through partnerships between local universities, colleges, schools, employers and charities.

Partnerships run many different activities for the benefit of young people in their areas. Uni Connect partnerships have engaged with over one million learners since 2017. 

Support for teachers and schools

Uni Connect supports schools by running activities for young people to help them explore routes to higher education.

Partnerships can work with schools to enhance learning opportunities and design bespoke activities, reducing the burden on teachers. Examples include:

  • subject masterclasses
  • targeted academic support for pupils
  • summer schools
  • in-school activities as well as visit days
  • activities with employers
  • information, advice and guidance for careers advisers and services.

Uni Connect partnerships may also offer training and professional development opportunities for teachers, to increase their knowledge of higher education options and equip them to better support their pupils.

Support for young people and parents

Uni Connect helps young people make informed choices about their future education.

Young people can take part in a range of activities, arranged through their school and local Uni Connect partnership, including:

  • summer schools and visits to universities and colleges
  • events
  • mentoring
  • information, guidance, and advice
  • subject masterclasses.

Parents and young people should also know that:

  • Uni Connect activities are entirely free, so parents do not need to pay for any activity
  • partnerships employ trained and professional staff
  • Uni Connect is an impartial service, designed to help young people make the decision that is right for them.

Support for universities and colleges

Universities and colleges can work with their local Uni Connect partnership to provide activities for learners and increase the impact of their work by working together. Uni Connect can help universities and colleges collaborate effectively with other local organisations, charities and schools.

The Uni Connect programme plays a vital role in coordinating activity to prevent duplication between organisations and avoid target learners being overwhelmed.

Uni Connect activities can also help universities and colleges meet the commitments set out in their access and participation plans.

You can find out more about the impact the programme has had on learners by reading our Uni Connect stories.

Discover Uni

Discover Uni offers you information you can trust to help you advise your students about the best options for them.

It has two main areas:

  • The first offers helpful facts and information to help your child decide what's right for them.
  • The second lets them find courses and compare key information, such as graduate earnings and what students think about the courses.

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