Summer schools

Summer schools give young people the chance to learn about higher education and try academic or extracurricular activities that they may not experience through school.

What are they?

  • Two or more full days of activity which show learners what university life might be like.
  • Usually based at a university or college campus.
  • Students will sometimes get the chance to stay overnight in student accommodation (this is called a ‘residential’ summer school).

What are the benefits?

Summer schools run by Uni Connect partnerships have helped students build essential skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership and independent thinking.

They have been shown to improve learners’ knowledge of higher education, student life, the costs of higher education and student finance.

Evidence shows that summer schools have a positive impact on learners’ confidence and ability to write a personal statement.

How to take part

To find out more about summer schools running in your area, search for your local Uni Connect partnership.