Uni Connect partnerships offer information, advice and guidance on the benefits and realities of higher education. 

They cover areas such as:

  • student life
  • apprenticeships
  • student finance
  • vocational studies
  • wellbeing
  • careers
  • UCAS applications
  • choosing courses.

This supports young people to make impartial, informed decisions about the next steps of their educational journey.

What is it?

  • Impartial, factual information about higher education options, how to apply and costs.
  • Can be offered online via websites or social media, or face-to-face through events such as university staff visits, fairs and exhibitions or masterclasses from academic experts.

What are the benefits?

Evidence shows that providing information, advice and guidance about higher education can increase learners’ intentions to apply.

Those who participate in information, advice and guidance activities have increased awareness of what it’s like to be a student and the benefits of higher education.

Learners can feel more positive about student finance options and are able to make informed decisions. 

How to take part

To find out more about information, advice and guidance in your area, search for your local Uni Connect partnership.