Student guide to coronavirus

Coronavirus guidance for university students 2021-22

Published 02 December 2020
Last updated 29 September 2021
29 September 2021
Amendments to the question about getting tested when travelling to university for the autumn term.
08 September 2021
One question has been removed and small revisions were made to the first question.
25 August 2021
FAQ and academic year updated
11 August 2021
FAQ on travelling home for summer removed
07 July 2021
Updated following the latest government guidance
21 June 2021
FAQ on vaccinations added
18 June 2021
Updated to align with the latest guidance
17 May 2021
FAQs updated to reflect latest travel guidance
11 May 2021
Updated to reflect government announcement
29 April 2021
Spring break FAQ removed
13 April 2021
Updated to reflect government guidance
07 April 2021
Return of confirmatory PCR test
29 March 2021
FAQs updated
09 March 2021
New FAQ added on Spring break
23 February 2021
Updated FAQs
03 February 2021
FAQs updated
07 January 2021
Page updated to reflect new guidance in light of the latest national lockdown.
05 January 2021
Latest guidance information at the top of the page updated and additional questions added following announcement of the lockdown.
31 December 2020
Link to letter on January returns added.
24 December 2020
Existing questions revised and new section on tier 4 added.

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