Access and participation data for the higher education sector

We have published sector-level information on student’s qualifications on entry to higher education, and their subject of study. We have published this dashboard as experimental data.

We know that a provider’s performance in access and participation can be affected by both structural and unexplained factors.

Structural factors, such as entry qualifications and subject of study, are factors beyond a student’s personal characteristics that are known to have a bearing on student outcomes across the sector. These structural factors may affect certain student demographics to a greater extent than others.

It is important for providers to understand how structural factors affect their student population.  Providers may need to use different strategic measures in order to overcome the different challenges they may face in widening participation and promoting equality of opportunity.

This data is included in experimental form. We expect to develop the scope and format of this data in the future.

Information is included for 34 groupings of entry qualification (covering A-levels, BTECs, International Baccalaureates and other level 3 qualifications) and 10 broad groupings of subject areas.

We are actively seeking feedback on the form of this information, including how we can improve the utility of this data in the future.

Any comments or feedback can be submitted via the feedback survey, or sent to [email protected].

Published 07 May 2020
Last updated 24 March 2022
24 March 2022
Annual update to the dashboard.
11 March 2021
Annual update to the dashboard.

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