Supporting STEM subjects

We provide funding to support high-cost science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. 

Why do STEM subjects matter?

A variety of industries rely on individuals with STEM-based qualifications and skills who can make a contribution to the big challenges facing society today.  

We need to make sure that universities can meet the increasing demand for study of STEM subjects and produce highly employable graduates for the benefit of the UK economy and society. 

Employment prospects for STEM graduates

The government commissioned an independent review led by Sir William Wakeham to understand the employment situation among STEM graduates and the role of accreditation of courses.   

See the STEM review

Funding for high-cost subjects

We provide institutions with funding for high-cost subjects. These are subjects where the tuition fee alone is not enough to meet the full costs of its delivery.

High-cost subjects include laboratory-based science, engineering and technology subjects. In addition, we have provided funding to help secure the provision of four very high-cost STEM subjects, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, and mineral, metallurgy and materials engineering

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