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Are you looking for the latest AI and data science talent to transform your business?

Research suggests that there is a skills shortage in AI and data science, particularly when considering candidates from diverse backgrounds. 

Working in partnership with universities on the courses, we’re offering organisations the opportunity to build a talent pool by sponsoring underrepresented groups to undertake postgraduate study in AI and data science. The campaign is #JoinYourAIFuture.

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What’s on offer?

Up to £17 million of government funding is available to deliver postgraduate conversion course scholarships.

These will support students studying AI and data science postgraduate conversion on courses between April 2023 and March 2025.

Organisations are being invited to join the team to create a future pipeline of AI talent by co-funding AI scholarships. The government will provide funding alongside industry funding.

We have appointed Group GTI to become our employer engagement partner.

Group GTI will support organisations in understanding the benefits and to develop relationships with the universities and students that they support. This will help ensure industry gains access to top and diverse AI talent.

Benefits for partner organisations

  • The new scholarships will ensure more people can build successful careers in AI, create and develop new and bigger businesses, and will improve the diversity of this growing and innovative sector. Industry support will help to get more people into the AI and data science job market quicker.

  • Access to top and diverse AI talent to strengthen their businesses. Companies that are involved in the AI scholarships programme will be supported by Group GTI to build strong relationships with the students and universities they partner with.

  • Be a part of the wider ‘AI Skills Community’, including the universities, companies and students who are involved in the AI scholarship programme.

  • Generate business, drive engagement, and build your business’s reputation nationally and regionally, as well as within the tech sector by broadening reach and having industry opportunities to promote the work your organisation is doing.

Find out more

Group GTI will be the first point of contact for interested organisations, and they can provide further information on how you can support the AI scholarship programme and the benefits of getting involved.

For more information please visit Group GTI's website.

Case Study – Ann Watson, chief executive, Enginuity

Enginuity are a charity that create practical solutions for individuals, educators, and engineering employers, using unmatched industry expertise and data. They have co-funded two scholarships at Teesside University as part of the AI and data science postgraduate conversion course scholarship programme. Find out why Enginuity decided to invest in this programme:

What made you want to invest in the programme?

A really worthy project to support in helping disadvantaged group gain new skills and a qualification whilst filling much needed skills gaps.

The fantastic support from the Department for Science Innovation and Technology meant that for each scholarship that Enginuity funded, the government would fund three additional.  The impact of Enginuity’s involvement grew four-fold.

Growing up on Teesside I knew first-hand how life changing this programme could be for those scholars who would benefit from it.

What have they got out of the programme so far?

The project has yet to start but we have already developed a really strong and productive relationship with Teesside University.

What do you think the programme can bring to other employers and students?

For employers it’s the opportunity to support disadvantaged groups in the local area, whilst building a relationship with the students.

The real benefit of the programme would be to connect the employers with the students so that at the end of the programme the students have job offers from employers who have seen their development and skills first hand.

How do you think the programme can support your organisation more widely, for example, the local economy?

As a charity, Enginuity hopes to benefit by providing real life projects for the students to work on and also link them into local employers who need the skills they will develop. 

Teesside has great ambitions for economic growth, but this will be dependent on having the right skills.  This programme will help create the skills needed, whilst providing fantastic opportunities for the students – who without this programme would probably not realise their ambitions.

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Information for students about applying for postgraduate conversion courses in artificial intelligence and data science.
Published 13 June 2022
Last updated 22 September 2022
22 September 2022
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