The UK Healthcare Education Advisory Committee

The UK Healthcare Education Advisory Committee (UKHEAC) is run jointly by the UK higher education funding bodies and has a broad remit to advise them on healthcare education matters.

The committee's terms of reference are to:

  1. Advise the Office for Students, Research England, Scottish Funding Council, Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, and the Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland on the impact on students, higher education providers and the health workforce of any proposed or active changes to healthcare education, research and their contribution to society and the economy.
  2. Advise on the interpretation of government health departments' workforce needs in terms of educational provision for individual nations and the whole UK, paying particular regard to developing positive student choice and opportunity while recognising the differences between each of the UK nations.
  3. Monitor the working of government health and education departments across the UK and provide advice and feedback to relevant government bodies to inform and promote a joined-up approach to strategic decisions in each of the UK nations.
  4. Monitor differences in health and education partnership arrangements in each of the UK administrations to encourage sharing of strategic and operational issues, recommendations for consistency and joined-up working, and promotion of best practice.
  5. Advance the development of healthcare research funding and support for academic staff in health disciplines and promote links to teaching to ensure a holistic approach to health higher education across the UK that will support workforce needs.
  6. Support, monitor and promote initiatives for all health disciplines on widening access, improving retention and supporting students to achieve successful outcomes, including lifelong learning and progression of the UK health and social care workforce.


Professor Dame Jessica Corner (Chair)

University of Nottingham

Professor Martin Steggall

University of South Wales

Dr Claire Mallinson

Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Professor David Crossman

University of St Andrew’s

Professor Helen Langton

University of Suffolk

Professor Steve Thornton

Queen Mary, University of London

Professor Callum Youngson

University of Liverpool

Professor Fary Cachelin

The Open University

Hadar Zaman

University of Bedford

Professor Karen Bryan

University of Greenwich

Dr Stephen Riley

Cardiff University

Professor Donald Cairns

Robert Gordon University

Vasilli Crispi

Student member

Jay Motherwell

Student member

Lucy Spencer

Student member

Minutes of UKHEAC meetings

Advisory letters

After each meeting the Chair of UKHEAC writes an advisory letter to contacts in each of the UK nations, setting out the key issues and any recommendations that have arisen from discussion by the Committee.

Last updated 25 May 2021
25 May 2021
Latest minutes and letters added
13 December 2019
Advisory letters and minutes from June 2019 published

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