Provider guide to coronavirus

Regulatory requirements

Published 19 March 2020
Last updated 12 May 2022
12 May 2022
Guidance on student and consumer protection during the pandemic has been rescinded
27 April 2022
Page restructure
20 July 2021
FAQ updated
14 January 2021
Linked added to the January letter on regulatory requirements
01 October 2020
Common questions reviewed and updated to reflect current situation
14 September 2020
Page updated to reflect that the consultation on student protection directions has now closed
30 July 2020
Page updated following our letter to providers updating them on our approach to regulation
17 July 2020
Link added to proposed new student protection details.
03 July 2020
Details added about the new time-limited condition of registration.
30 June 2020
One FAQ removed
27 May 2020
Content updated to reflect that the consultation has closed
07 May 2020
Added link to letter on Prevent monitoring requirements during the coronavirus pandemic
04 May 2020
Content updated with details of our consultation on a new, time-limited, condition of registration
29 April 2020
Added link to our deadlines and forward look page
27 April 2020
Updated wording for the question about regulatory action
24 April 2020
Minor text update to question about access and participation plans to link to further information on student and disabled student premium funding
06 April 2020
Question about access and participation plans and link to the recent guidance on teaching quality and standards added.
01 April 2020
Contact information added
30 March 2020
Question about degree apprenticeships added.
26 March 2020
Revised FAQ on reporting requirements, vulnerable students and healthcare students

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