Coronavirus news

Latest lockdown should not lead to lost learning, says regulator

Universities should do all they can to deliver the teaching they have promised to students and alternative arrangements where this is not possible. This may include putting on extra lectures, repeating parts of the course, or fee refunds – the Office for Students (OfS) has said today.

Regulator monitoring digital teaching quality at universities

England’s higher education regulator, the Office for Students, has today assured students that it is actively monitoring universities with significant numbers of students being required to take all their courses online as a result of local coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

Digital poverty is leaving students behind in an age of online learning

Sir Michael Barber has written in The Times about the launch of a major review of digital learning and teaching. The article highlights the challenges of digital learning, particularly 'digital poverty', following an OfS poll of students during the coronavirus pandemic.

Be honest about online classes

The Telegraph reports on the OfS's call for universities to provide ‘clear, timely and accessible’ information about their courses following reports of students finding out last minute that their lectures and classes will be online during the autumn term.

Published 27 May 2020

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