Value for money performance measures

Strategic objective 4:

‘All students, from all backgrounds, receive value for money.’

We have one strategic outcome under this strategic objective, and one key performance measure (KPM) to help us demonstrate progress against it.

19. Students who believe university provides good value for money


of current undergraduate students think university offers good value for money, considering the costs and benefits

See KPM 19


We welcome feedback on the key performance measures, including on our overall approach and on individual measures. If you have any comments or queries, please contact Josh Fleming at .

If you have any queries about the statistics published as KPMs, please contact Hannah White at .

The Office for Students is committed to following the Code of Practice for Statistics for the statistics it produces. See more information and our statistics release schedule

If you have any other questions or complaints about statistics produced by the Office for Students, please contact Mark Gittoes, Head of Profession for Statistics, at  or call 0117 931 7052.

Last updated 09 July 2020
09 July 2020
Update on specification timescales for KPM 19
18 December 2019
Specification dates updated

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