Official statistic: Key performance measure 14

The impact on students of market exit

There were no instances of market exit relevant to this KPM in 2019-20. This webpage will be updated three times a year and any instances of provider closure will be reflected in the data that is used to inform this KPM.

About the measure

This measure shows the number of students who continue their studies following closure as a proportion of the total students affected by the closure.

For definitions of ‘affected’ and an explanation of how we understand student continuation please see the technical document for this KPM.

We can expect providers to close as part of the normal operation of the higher education system. In these cases, what matters is the extent to which students’ interests are protected.

This measure seeks to capture just that – how far students’ interests are protected in cases of provider closure. In particular, the measure looks at the extent to which students’ interests are protected through continuation of study options, including by transfer.

  • Frequency: three times a year
  • Population: all students taught by or registered at higher education providers (HEPs) that are registered with the OfS and undergoing a closure. This population explicitly includes students who are taught by unregistered providers through a sub-contractual arrangement with a registered provider which closes. Some exclusions apply (see technical document for further details)
  • Data sources: HESA Student, HESA Student  Alternative, the Individualised Learner Record, and an in-year extract of the Student Loans Company (SLC) database
  • Available: indicative values for KPM 14 will be identified in January and May (from SLC datasets). Comprehensive values for KPM 14 will be available in December, following the publication of HESA and Individualised Learner Record retrospective student data returns.

Additional information about the methodology used is available in our KPM 14 technical document.

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