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Students responding positively to the NSS question on overall satisfaction


Satisfaction in 2020-21

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What does this show?

We want to measure how far students are satisfied with their overall experience of higher education. In 2020-21, the majority of students (75 per cent) rated their overall experience of their course positively, down from 82 per cent in the previous year. The 2020-21 survey was conducted in spring 2021, during the coronavirus pandemic.

This National Student Survey question on overall satisfaction allows students to consider the factors which they think are most important when reflecting on their higher education experience as a whole.

Students are surveyed in the spring of their corresponding academic year. For example, students in the 2019-20 academic year were surveyed in the spring of 2020, and were in the 2020 NSS.

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About the measure

The measure shows trends in overall satisfaction based on responses to question 27 in the National Student Survey

  • Frequency: Annual
  • Population: Undergraduate final-year students taught at higher education providers in England
  • Data Sources: National Student Survey
  • Available: July of the academic year in which a student graduates.


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09 September 2021
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