Experience performance measures

Strategic objective 2:

‘All students, from all backgrounds, receive a high quality academic experience, and their interests are protected while they study or in the event of provider, campus or course closure.’

We have four strategic outcomes under this strategic objective, and seven key performance measures (KPMs) to help us demonstrate progress against them.

8. Diversity of provider choice within subject

There is more diversity of provider choice within subjects for UK-domiciled students in full-time higher education courses than for students in other domiciles or modes of study

See KPM 8

9. Diversity of subject choice by region of domicile

Local London students have the highest subject concentration compared with students from other regions

See KPM 9

10. Students responding positively to the NSS question on overall satisfaction


Satisfaction in 2020-21

We are considering target setting as part of our review of our key performance measures

See KPM 10

11. Postgraduate measure of student satisfaction

Under review

We have recently published our strategy for 2022-25, and are reviewing this key performance measure to make sure it is appropriate.

We want all students, of all types and backgrounds, to have a positive experience of higher education.

This measure will help fill the current gap in our ability to measure student satisfaction among postgraduates.

12. The extent to which providers effectively demonstrate the learning gain of their students

Under review

We have recently published our strategy for 2022-25, and are reviewing this key performance measure to make sure it is appropriate.

Learning gain is defined in various ways, and often refers to improvements in knowledge, skills, work-readiness and personal development made by students during their time in higher education.

Read more about KPM 12

13. The extent and impact of poor learning and teaching

In development

We are preparing data to publish against this measure.

This metric will seek to capture the extent to which students’ experience falls below our quality thresholds.

See the specification for KPM 13.

14. The impact on students of course, campus or provider closure

There were no instances of market exit relevant to this KPM in 2019-20

This webpage will be updated three times a year and any instances of provider closure will be reflected in the data that is used to inform this KPM.

We can expect course, campuses or providers to close as a normal part of a functional higher education system.

This measure will capture how far students’ interests are protected in such cases. It will look at the extent to which students’ interests are protected in such cases through continuity of study options, including by transfer.

See the specification for KPM 14.


We welcome feedback on the key performance measures, including on our overall approach and on individual measures. If you have any comments or queries, please contact Josh Fleming at .

If you have any queries about the statistics published as KPMs, please contact Hannah White at .

The Office for Students is committed to following the Code of Practice for Statistics for the statistics it produces. See more information and our statistics release schedule

If you have any other questions or complaints about statistics produced by the Office for Students, please contact Mark Gittoes, Head of Profession for Statistics, at  or call 0117 931 7052.

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