Key performance measure 25

The number of internal support function standards that are met

4 out of 6

In our sample, we are achieving targets set for four of six internal support functions.

The table below presents a series of internal support function standards.

Please note that these measures represent a subsection of internal support functions, but are representative of the quality of services provided to support the work of the Office for Students (OfS).

We will publish performance against these targets on a calendar year basis, starting with a report of performance for 2020.

Measure Target Period Performance Status

Governance: Responses to FOI requests and subject access requests completed within statutory deadlines


Calendar year 2020



Finance: Prompt payment – invoices paid within 5 days


Calendar year 2020



Finance/HR: All payroll actions completed on time (including deductions and declarations)


Calendar year 2020


1 late submission of HMRC data

IT: IT service availability – service uptime (the proportion of time IT services are available)


Calendar year 2020



IT: Volume of ‘Priority 1 IT incidents (priority 1 are those assessed as being the most critical i.e. fixes needed to ensure operation can continue)


Calendar year 2020



IT: IT incidents resolved within target resolution times


Calendar year 2020

70% for priority 1 incidents

95.85% for priority 2 and 3 incidents

Partially met: 2 of the 6 P1 incidents took longer than the Service Level Agreement to resolve due to complexity

What does this show?

The table shows how we have achieved the majority of these selected measures.

Where we have not hit our targets, we have included an explanation in the comments.

About the measure

For this measure we use a sub-section of internal support functions to be representative of the quality of the services provided to support the work of the OfS.

  • Frequency: Annual
  • Population: Measures include services which are provided to all OfS staff
  • Data sources: Corporate systems and processes, varies according to measure
  • Available: March each year


If you have any queries about the statistics published as KPMs, please contact Ben Whitestone at [email protected].

If you have any queries about our overall approach or on individual measures, please contact Josh Fleming at [email protected].

Published 24 May 2021

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