4th meeting of the OfS board, 26 July 2018

Agenda and associated papers


1. Chair's welcome

2.1 Approval of May minutes

3.1 Student panel report

4.1 Institutional issue – risk update and options

Exempt from publication – Commercially sensitive information.

5.1 Equality and Diversity statement for the OfS

6.1 Data strategy

7.1 Key Performance Measures

Exempt from publication – Policy in development. View our performance against the key performance measures in our strategy.

8.1 OfS and mature students' access and participation

9.1 Guidance for managing potential conflicts of interest

10.1 Innovation Challenge Fund

11.1 Quarter 1 Finance report

Exempt from publication – Commercially sensitive information. Full financial disclosure was made in the OfS’s annual report and accounts for 2018-19.

12.1 Chief executive’s report

13.1 Report from the Quality Assessment Committee

14.1 Report from the Provider Risk Committee

15.1 Oral update from the Risk and Audit Committee

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02 November 2021
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